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Website design for the OSD Institute of Greece

Creation of a website for the OSD Institute of Greece

The creation of a website for the OSD institute, an internationally recognized certification of the German language by the Austrian state was a comprehensive project for Web Builders.

In this project emphasis was placed on the user, his navigation and his experience with the website with functions for members such as registration for exams, updating results, etc.

Our goal was to create a website that would provide students and tutors with easy access to registrations, results and exam times and dates.


OSD entrusted the image as well as the organization for the smooth operation of all its services on the Internet for over 10 years to Web Builders. During these years, several actions have been carried out such as Newsletter, website design, website redesign, creation of an online registration and results platform.

Recently the website was transferred to Joomla 4 and both the update and the transfer of the design of the website were done in order to fit the new style and be modern and pleasant to navigate by users.


Website Platform


Year of Website design


Website Languages

Greek – German


Responsive Design


Pattern design

For more details visit the website by clicking the link below.

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