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Banner Design

banner design
The creation of a banner is notably important to everyone that has a website. Even if you are not interested in placing your banner by paying to other websites, you would be surely interested to place it for free by exchanging banners with other websites. Would you lose the opportunity of free promotion because you don’t have a banner?

Why do I need a banner?

If you want to promote your website or your services through other websites, then it is necessary to create a banner. It is a smart and simple way of advertising that can be done even with free banner exchange with other websites. We can create all types of banners based on the technical specifications of web stantards.

How much does it cost?

The cost of creating a banner is determined by its type (static, flash), your design requirements and the number of sizes in which you wish to create your banner. This procedure is unique, for each client and each purpose, the banner is needed. Describe what banner you need and we will provide you a detailed costing.

What size do I need?

There are many sizes in witch you can create a banner. The choise of the size is based on some standard sizes that even google uses. Depending on where you want to place it (horizontal, vertical) you must chose the proper size. We suggest you to create banners in different sizes in order to be able to advertise everywhere.

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