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Website Administration

website administration
Besides the creation and the promotion of a website, administration is equally important. We administer your eshop, the website of your company and we provide all the additional services that have to do with your presence in the internet, ensuring you the best possible administration.

Why do I need an administrator?

Assigning someone to manage your website ensures continuous improvement for your website and constant information about your professional field in the internet for you. An abandoned website causes a negative image of you and your business. We at Web Builders manage your website, inform you about opportunities and the latest trends in the internet at a very affordable price.

How much does it cost?

The cost of managing a website depends on several factors such as the renewal rate of its content, the type of the website, the magnitude of the upgrades and the degree of the connection that the website will have with social networks. Contact us in order to find what exactly you need.

What does administration include?

  • Content renewal (texts, news, photos, information)
  • Upgrades (Software, Security)
  • Modifications (Graphics, Banners, functions)
  • Connection with Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram)
  • Search Engines (statistics, reports, analysis)

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