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Email Marketing

email marketing
Email marketing is a modern and cheap way of advertising. We at web builders have the ability to plan your campaign according to the rules and standards of email marketing in order your email to stand out and not end as spam mail.

How much does it cost?

The factors that determine the cost are the number of emails you want to send, the time in which you wish the emails to be delivered and the design based to the rules and the technical limitations of email marketing. The cost of sending bulk emails is ultimately determined by your requirements. Contact us and tell us about the email that you are interested in and we will provide you a complete offer.

Why not from a simple email?

If you send a bulk email from a simple email account you must know that most likely it will not be done properly and it will endanger you email account. A reason that you must not send a bulk email from your personal email account is the limitation that simple email accounts have, 200/hour for example. The main reason is that because of the massive sendings probably your account will be considered as spam with result any future sending you make to end as spam mail.

Why do i need you?

By choosing Web-builders for sending your bulk emails you ensure that the vast majority of them will be delivered without any problem at all. Tell us what your email concerns and to whom it is addressed and we will provide you assistance in order your email to become more attractive and as a result the recipients to open it and read it.

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