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Digital Marketing and Website design for Merkouroglou company

Digital Marketing for the company Merkouroglou Spices Wholesale

The design of the website and promotional plan for the Merkouroglou company was a complete project for Web Builders.

The Merkouroglou company has been active in the field of spices and herbs since 1926. It deals exclusively with wholesale, importing and exporting to various countries.

In this project emphasis was placed on the user, his navigation and his experience with the website with features that are open only to members and regular newsletter updates with offers.

Our goal was for the company to establish itself in the top positions of Google rankings but also to have a complete, functional, easy-to-use website full of useful information for the user.


The Merkouroglou company trusts its image and its promotion on the Internet for over 10 years in Web Builders. During these years, several actions have been carried out such as website design, website redesign, Logo design, SEO, Adwords, Newsletter, Social media, blog articles , etc.

Recently the website was upgrated to Joomla!4 from Joomla!3 and both the update and the Optimization of the website were done in order to continue to appear in the first ranking positions of Google as it has consistently done for the past 10 years. The Appearance Change of the Site was also made so that it fits the new style and is modern and pleasant for users to navigate.


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