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Online shop design for Bioplus company

Online shop design for Bioplus

The design of the online shop of the company Bioplus Ltd, which specializes in the sale of medical items, tests and specialized cosmetics, has been completed.


Design of online shop for the presentation and sale of the products of Bioplus Ltd.

The creation of the online shop for Bioplus offered a new clientele and expanded the company’s geographic targeting.

In the design of the online shop, special emphasis was placed on the high aesthetics but also on the easy navigation of the user with a modern menu and with impressive speeds.

Our goal was for this online shop to be simple and easy to use for anyone who visits it.


Online shop platform


Year of online shop design


Website Languages

English – Greek


New Design, Responsive Design

For more details visit the website by clicking the link below.

Ιατρικά είδη Bioplus

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