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We offer solutions according to your needs with main characteristic the immediate support. We offer 100% network uptime, 99.99% server uptime, high security, modern equipment in cluster technology, software in the latest stable versions, high network speed and daily backups.



Does the hosting you provide cover me?

We at Web Builders offer solutions based at your needs. We assist each one of you individually in order to provide you with what is best for you with the guaranteed hosting quality and support of Web Builders.

Is it easy to transfer to you?

We undertake all the necessary procedures needed to transfer your website to Web Builders without any charges at all and without you having to worry about technical issues. You just have to ask us!

I want to become a reseller

We treat you as direct partners. If you need help or advice on issues concerning hosting we can assist you. We offer special prices and unique packages for hosting services according to your requirements. For us, the support of our resellers is our first priority.

What do i benefit if i transfer to you?

By transferring your website to Web Builders you ensure from 2 up to 6 months of extra free hosting, an analysis of your website and of course it's proper function. Contact us for more information.

Do you have a website with special requirements?

We treat websites (portal, forums, news, etc.) with particular attention. We analyze the requirements and specifications of each website and provide you with the best available solution only for your website.

Is the quality of hosting important?

You must choose a quality hosting package in order your website to be always available and to provide a quick and pleasant navigation, so that your visitors will buy products and services. Another reason that only a few mention is that the speed of hosting is one of the factors considered by google to rank web pages. When it comes to choosing don't check only the typical features of a hosting package.

Client Testimonials

V. Vougioukas - Furniture

Company: Vougioukas
Person: Vasilis Vougioukas

After an extensive internet research, I found Web Builders. I have trusted to them completely my online shop and I am completely satisfied, despite the doubts I had. Thank you for the services, the advice and the information for everything new.

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