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Email Hosting

Web builders for every professional that believes that their email is an important tool of communication and therefore has high requirements from it, offers email hosting services of high standards. We offer you a modern and reliable solution adjusted to your needs!




How much it costs?

The cost of email hosting is determined by certain factors such as the number of email accounts you want to create, the capacity you need from your maibox and some additional features you may want. The cost of email hosting varies for each case, contact us to inform you.


Capacity up to 5Gb
Attach file up to 50Mb
Access from your mobile
Protection against spam e-mails
Compatible with all web browsers
User friendly interface
Functions (calendar, address book, search filters, electronic signature)
Compatible with the most known mail clients (Outlook, Thunderbird)

How it differs from other e-mail hosting?

Better and modern user interface
More capacity
Ability to attach larger files
More functions
Synchronize your contacts with Outlook and mobile
Better protection from unwanted e-mail (spam)
Located in a separate e-mail server and not on a hosting server
We use atmail server, one of the best mail servers

Client Testimonials

V. Vougioukas - Furniture

Company: Vougioukas
Person: Vasilis Vougioukas

After an extensive internet research, I found Web Builders. I have trusted to them completely my online shop and I am completely satisfied, despite the doubts I had. Thank you for the services, the advice and the information for everything new.

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