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Bulk sms sending is used by most modern companies as a tool of marketing for firming their relations with their clients and for saving both money and time for communication. We at Web Builders want to be next to all modern companies and that is the reason that we created, a platform that allows you to buy online, to upload your lists of contacts and sent sms in a friendly and easy to use interface.




Why to choose worldsms?

By doing a simple research through internet you will find a large variety of web sites that provide you the ability to send bulk sms. Worldsms is not just one more site for massive sms sending, it is a platform that is provided with the guarantee of web-builders and ensures you for the instant delivery, the quality of routing and the reliable report of delivery for your sms and your immediate support.

What are the costs?

The costs depend from the number of sms that you will purchase. The more sms that you will buy, the less is the cost per sms. Unlike other companies we provide a single charge for all Greek mobile networks and there are no additional costs like interconnection fees. Therefore the final cost is easily calculated.

How much is the delivery time?

We are obliged to inform you that the delivery time depends from the quality of routing and also from the workload of the network. In case you have experienced problems with the delivery time of your messages in other companies, we can inform you that the delivery time in worldsms can't exceed a few minutes. You can send for free, trial sms from worldsms and test yourself the delivery time!

Have my messages been delivered?

Worldsms provides you with live delivery reports about how many messages have been sent and how many are still pending. Through phone contact we can offer you even more information.

How do I add my contacts?

Through worldsms platform we provide you the ability to add your contacts one by one or massive with an excel archive and other type of archives like .csv or .txt. From the control panel you can add as many lists as you wish based on your needs.

If I can't do it myself?

We will be glad to assist you in case you can't use our platform yourselves. Call us give us some basic information, like the size of the list and it's form (electronic or in paper) and we are sure we can cooperate!

Client Testimonials

Dikaioma KOINSEP

Company: Dikaioma
Person: Anargyros Dimopoulos

The cooperation of Dikaioma with Web-Builders was based upon the foundations of a relationship with solidarity, mutual understanding,respect and support. We believe that together we will continue to build a beautiful present and visualize a better tomorrow.

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